Recalculation of winding data is given to modernize existing fleet of electrical machines during overhaul with the replacement of standard windings with combined ones.

Practical recommendations and basic provisions for self-recalculation of standard windings on combined ones are given.

Who can benefit from our guide:

  • The guide is designed for motor rewind experts of small private enterprises, private entrepreneurs and repair shops.
  • This guide is aimed to help motor rewind experts to master combined windings and to give them all practical supporting information.
  • It will be useful to engineering and technical workers of large repair companies.
  • The guide will also be useful to those who are engaged in independent manufacture of electric transport. Currently a large number of vehicles with an electric motor with our technologies are in operation.
  • Provided information can be useful to power engineers of various sectors of national economy and utilities when developing technical plans to reduce specific energy consumption and operating costs, and increase equipment reliability.

The guide costs 20,000 Russian rubles

  • Technical solutions given in the guide are protected by the patents of the Russian Federation. The copyright holder of patent rights is AS&PP OOO (Limited Liability Company). When using commercially, contact the copyright holder for a license.
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  • On December 18, 2017, circulation came to our warehouse and we started sending the guide to those who paid for it. The first 200 people who paid received a copy of the guide with authors autographs, and the first 100 people received it with a name number certificate as well.
  • The guide can be delivered anywhere in the world. Delivery is carried out in the high-quality packaging to guarantee integrity of each copy.

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