Task description

The quality of task implementation directly depends on task description correctness, therefore any of our development begins with preparation and development of technical specification.

Technical specification is the main source document, approved by the Customer, which establishes all technical requirements for the motor being designed, as well as content, capacity and development time frames.

Most often, at the time of contacting us, the Customer doesn’t have a fully completed technical specification. The Customer either has a technical specification for the equipment, which includes the motor being developed, or a list of requirements, on the basis of which specification is developed, or just an idea to implement. So our technical experts together with the Customer set requirements and help form them up correctly. To help our potential customers, the list of requirements on the motor development is published as an example.

Each Customer is assigned our expert, who is responsible for the development from its beginning to completion and solves all related to it arising issues. Such an approach significantly saves time for both the Customer and the development as a whole and ensures personal responsibility for the specific work performance.