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Аналитика 2021
Analysis – energy-efficient technologies, January 2021
The report of energy-efficient technologies analysis. (in Russian)
Izobretatel` i ratcionalizator, №4/2020, July-August
Technological innovations in Russia: why don’t we implement them extensively, what can we come up with? (in Russian)
Izobretatel` i ratcionalizator, №2-3, 2020, March-June
The outlook for general-purpose motors modernization. (in Russian)
Estestvennyye i tekhnicheskiye nauki, №4(130), 2019
Machines, units and processes (in Russian)
Izobretatel` i ratcionalizator, № 2/2019, March-April
Energy efficiency and new induction motors (in Russian)
Оборонный комплекс
Oboronnyy kompleks - nauchno-tekhnicheskomu progressu Rossii, № 4, 2018
Evaluation of combined windings resistance of three-phase high efficiency electric machines for providing reliability of machines operational characteristics estimation. (in Russian)
Izobretatel i ratsionalizator, № 4/2018, September-October
Induction motors modernization (in Russian)
Proceedings of universities. Electronics, Vol.22, №5, September - October
Reducing torsional vibrations in silicon growing facilities drives. (in Russian)
Электрик, №5, 2015
E`lektrik, №5, 2015
Povy`shenie e`nergoe`ffektivnosti asinkhronny`kh dvigatelei` vtorichnogo ry`nka kak sposob e`nergosberezheniia (in Russian)
ProTransport, №2, April 2015
Europe meets electric cars with the new induction motor. (in Russian)
Electoenergiya, №2(29), March - April, 2015
Changes in winding construction of induction motors - the potential for ensuring the reliability of power grids. (in Russian)